Autumn Crafting & Alexander Henry Fabric

With the creative holidays around the corner of Halloween and soon to follow Christmas, I am getting more excited about projects.  It also helps that the fresh, clear blue skies of the Oregon summer have been starkly washed away by the rain and fog.  Not as much rain as my home of the past – Seattle, or home of the future – Portland, but the wet leaves on the ground are always a sure sign of fall.


Yep, many of those leaves make it into my 2nd floor apartment.

The point being, I’m more inclined to get giddy about crafts when it’s cozy inside and not warm and bright outside.  (I spent a good part of last Saturday reorganizing my fabric collection.)


I know, in the grand scheme of things, this is minor, but I'm just pleased it's organized.

I also, on a whim, bought more fabric for another hand-quilted baby blanket.  Oh, how I love Alexander Henry design and polka dots!


This one is going to a fellow "Rogue" Lawyer for her little one...boy or girl? It's a surprise.

And, I couldn’t help myself–I already started!


This is the "Starling" design. I LOVE it!

At this point, I have to put a plug in for the sisterly-intuition, connection.  I had told Sara my excitement about finding this pattern and sent her a grainy picture of the fabric via my phone, though it surely didn’t do the design justice.

A few days later, she sends me a link of fat quarters with the same Starling design in Blue with the note “I love the birdies!”  Yep.  She just knew.


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