Cupcake Placemats

A few months ago (okay, about 5) I purchased a cupcake placemat pattern at my favorite quilt shop, Calico Junction here in Medford, Oregon.  Soon after I bought the fabric.  Then the weather was nice, and I preferred to play outside on the weekends (fishing, running, rafting, etc.).  Because I many more friends having babies and at least one wedding quilt to complete, I required myself to finish the placemats before starting a new big project (needless to say, my Sampler Quilt is still uncompleted…).

The pattern was relatively easy, partly because it required purchasing additional accessories.  All in all, they are fun, but price per placmat approached about $15-20 without including cost for time.

Here are some of the things I learned from this project:

1.     How to use fusible fleece
2.    How to use fusible webbing
3.    A clean finishing of placemats
4.     Using yo-yos.

With the additional scraps, I’m planning on making some kitchen hand-towels – maybe embellished by a cherry on top!


One thought on “Cupcake Placemats

  1. Glad you know how to use that stuff. I have seen “fusible webbing” in some of my patterns and am not even sure what that means! I need to ask you how to use my bias tape maker too…

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