Halloween, Flapper Costume, etc.

For Halloween, my friend Jamie hosted a Halloween party – she created her own cards. She’s quite a fan of scrapbooking and stamping.  I looked around for my invitation, but (ahem) it’s no longer available.  I also should have taken a few pictures of the spread of food we prepared.  Naturally, I took on the vegetarian options – black bean & avocado salsa, spinach-artichoke feta crescent wraps, pesto-spinach pasta salad, and a fresh spinach salad with carmelized walnuts.

Jamie took on all sorts of other options – including the chicken curry salad in lettuce wraps.  Our friend Kim, who is a pescatarian (she eats fish) almost ate some because it looked so good.  And, because her fiance Alex answered her question, “Is that Tuna?” with the response “It’s Yard tuna.”  So, it looked good.  Jamie also had a slew of kebabs with some kind of meat and a potato salad with bits of bacon.  She gave a nod to the vegetarian, again, with one of the Barefoot Contessa’s recipes for a cheesy pasta bake.  We were unable to get the authentic, imported cheeses, but it was still pretty good.

Naturally, I made my chocolate bark this time exchanging candy corn for the toffee, and I made my pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  No one went hungry.

Also, I had a lot of fun making my costume.  I opted to sew my own “flapper” costume because it was relatively simply and can be modest, by Halloween standards (why do girls use the excuse of Halloween to dress as provactively as possible and call themselves “Victoria Secrets Models”?).  I found a black cotton nightgown at Ross and then bought about 6 yards of black fringe which I sewed in stripes on the nightgown.  My fun part was sewing a headband out of silver-sequined elastic and accessorizing with a feather.  Add to that silver beaded holiday garland and fish-net stockings, and VOILA.  (Yes, I have just posted a picture of myself on the blog…)



One thought on “Halloween, Flapper Costume, etc.

  1. I didn’t realize you made that costume. I was wondering where you found one that covered your thighs. I remember being at that bar in London and everytime they played “promiscuous girl” suddenly all the women there jumped up to dance.

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