Indeed – I do exist! (and only seem to make baby blankets)

Indeed – I do exist!  Thankfully, wordpress has not changed that much in my absence, but for Sara’s fabulous posts.  Ah, to live in Boston with all sorts of activities!  Of course, I cannot complain since I’ll make my way to Portland yet.

My camera works sporadically, but I suppose that is no excuse.  Even without the camera to document, I have persisted in my baking and sewing.  My baking hasn’t been that exciting – the usual, brownies, pumpkin scones, chocolate-chip cookies, and even a mocha chocolate cheesecake.

I have made a couple more hand-quilted baby blankets – for the beautiful Gracie Streett and for Baby Boy Wilder, due early next year.

Gracie Elizabeth Streett's blanket

A nice bright pattern for an adorable baby girl! Corduroy is a good read at any age, by the way.


Now, all we need is for Baby Boy Wilder to come into the world!


For the lack of larger patterns, I opted to quilt around the blue circles, making it a little longer than most projects.


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