Kai’s Shirt

I am already posting my finished Kai’s Shirt from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing!  And I was even faster than you might imagine–I finished over a week ago.  (Posting lag:  and there’s more where that came from…)

Kai's Shirt II

I am really happy about how this turned out.  The last time (and first time) I made a shirt with sleeves, I had a terrible time easing them into the armholes.  The cut of the fabric doesn’t entirely line up, and I ended up with a sleeve cap that was puckered in many spots.  This time I was worried that the same would happen.   After trying and trying again to pin in place, I started inserting the pins perpendicular to the sleeve fabric edge (rather than parallel to, which is what I think is typically done) and also, pinned the be-jeezus out of it.  I think it worked!

I used Sew-U for help in how to sew on a button (yes, perhaps this is ridiculous, but I looked for guidelines.  But there are worse and better ways to do it!).  By sewing the button on while the pins are in place, you make sure the button is not sewn too tightly to the fabric–it needs a bit of room to maneuver in and out of buttonholes!

Button Placement Detail Kai's Shirt

So here’s the shirt.  Too big for little E at the moment, but should fit next summer when the weather is right for such duds!

Kai's Shirt I


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