New Projects: Jenny & Derek’s Quilt and a Quilt for Little Roh

I’m buying fabric like crazy people!  And, fabric isn’t cheap.  I now have two rather large projects to tackle before I am allowed to buy anything, of substantial size.

First, I have a quilt for Jenny & Derek.  I promised to it them over a year ago in honor of their marriage which was back in August 2008.  The colors were deep browns, greens, and pinks.  When I saw the jellyroll of the latest “Santorini” design, I couldn’t resist.

Santorini Jelly Role by Moda. I can't bring myself to undo the roll yet...

Then, of course, there is a new baby quilt.  Because this one is for someone VERY special, I’m not taking any short cuts and have been carefully planning.  Last Saturday was the big Holiday Open House at Craft Warehouse.  My friend June and I arrived, ready to shop.  June’s boyfriend Nick wasn’t as intrepid but was a good sport.  We arrived just at 6pm and sampled a cookie or two along with some apple cider as we waited for entrance — it was a “staged” entrance.  I had been there last week and scoped out the fabric, another Alexander Henry print.  The store was bustling. In addition to the treats, coupons, and sales, they had random drawings.  At some undiclosed time, they would yell for you to find a number taped on the ground, and then if they called your number, you won something.  I never won.  Shocking.  They also had some quality trivia questions too.  I wasn’t very successful at that — Hannah Montana’s best friend?  Haven’t a clue.  Captain Kirk’s middle name?  Not a chance.  (June won that one though and plowed through the folks with flair and determination to claim her Holiday poster prize.  I do believe Nick was stifling a laugh)  Of course, had they asked “which Kardashian got married in September?” Or, what did Tom and Katie name their daughter?  I would have had a better chance.

So, I did buy the fabric.  The Owl print was easy, and then I decided to select fabrics around that.  My “Hip Baby” pattern required 9 different fabrics.  NINE!  I ended up with 4 polka dot prints and 4 swirled prints to coordinate with the owls.  The tedious part of ironing and cutting comes next.  That’s always the biggest hurdle for me in these projects.


3 thoughts on “New Projects: Jenny & Derek’s Quilt and a Quilt for Little Roh

  1. I love to read your blogs. The three of you are amazing and your recipes really make me hungry. Karen, your quilts are great! If only I were as talented. 🙂

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