Three Clever Sisters Turns One and Giveaway Part One

Well, we’ve hit our first year anniversary (find our first post here).  And in the tradition of all good blogs, Three Clever Sisters is doing a giveaway.  But we’re celebrating with not one, not two, but three different gifts!

Each of us have something to share.  I’ll be posting today with my giveaway, Karen tomorrow and Marie on Sunday.  So make sure to check back!

To enter, please leave a post (make sure we have a way to contact you if it’s not done automatically when you comment)  for the giveaway you want to enter.  We’ll have a variety of prizes as we know everyone out there is not, say, a knitter or quilter.  We’ll pick a winner at random from all entries received by 11:59 pm EST on December 11th.  Please feel free to add anything else to your comments, and come back and post again in the future!

So, to start:  Sara’s Giveaway (she goes first because she is the oldest…not quite so great a designation as it used to be…)

One skein of Lisa Souza handpainted sock yarn:


17 thoughts on “Three Clever Sisters Turns One and Giveaway Part One

  1. I didn’t know you were doing this Karen, it’s such a great idea! I wish my sister were more of a crafter, this’d be fun to do with her~

  2. Happy First Birthday!!! And thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks.karen you have helped me get back on the quilting horse again : )

  3. I love your site! It is similar to my sister and I’s! Too bad our third sister doesn’t like to be crafty 🙂

    I love the yarn. i’d so make something fun with it!

  4. Wow! Has it really been a year of wishing I could sample each and every one of your delicious creations?

    I guess so. Nice job with that.

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