Amy Butler Kimono Style PJs

This is the leftovers from the same fabric I used to make the baby snuggie wrap for my friend Raffaella’s new son.  (He’s probably too big for it now).  I had some trouble attaching the binding, and probably could have done a better job matching the fabric on the front and the back, but hopefully with more experience thinking ahead in such a way will be more natural.  Also, as I was using leftovers, I’m not sure I had so much room to play with.  (I don’t remember as I started this over 10 months ago).  It is a pretty easy pattern, I got delayed by the idea of making the binding, which is silly because it’s so easy.  Since it’s a kimono top, fitting curves on sleeves and such is not so tough.

The kimono has an internal and external tie, hence my detail shot.  Eventually, you will see this being modelled by a very special baby!  This fabric is from the Amy Butler Midwest Modern collection (“ohio sky”), purchased at Fabric Corner in Arlington.

Click on the individual pictures to get a better view.


4 thoughts on “Amy Butler Kimono Style PJs

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