BBA Challenge #17: Lavash

I was really excited about making these crackers.  Yes, the BBA Challenge includes crackers.  And interestingly enough, crackers made with yeast.  (who knew?).  While crackers are a nice variation from all the breads (especially since I made these over thanksgiving as well!), I also thought playing with all the spices would really be fun.

The amount of dough you actually make is quite small, but you do let it ferment–since this is a cracker, I assume it’s to build flavor rather than for loft!  I wasnt’ sure about my ability to roll the dough out thin enough, but I managed–as you can see it just fits the pan.

Then what I thought was the fun part!

Here’s the spices I used.  Essentially half was “middle eastern” and the other half “central european” (continuing our round the world bread journey from prior posts!)

For the middle east–nigella seed and za’atar

For central europe–poppy seed, paprika, and caraway

And Maldon sea salt all around!

Because I didn’t have a mister, I don’t think the spices adhered particularly well. I tried using a pastry brush to moisten the surface of the dough before adding the spices, but it didn’t seem to work all that well–only the salt really gripped on well.

As for the final crackers, I was disappointed.  While in parts they were nice and crunchy as a cracker should be, in other spots they were rather chewy, almost as if I hadn’t rolled the dough out enough.  (But my pan, and oven, were no bigger, plus I got it to the size recommended in the book!  What went wrong?!).  While I certainly didn’t take them out early, perhaps I should have left them in longer than the recommended time to crisp them up better.  Also, as noted, the spices didn’t really hold on well to the cracker, but they were pretty.  My family enjoyed them well enough, but I’ll have to do some research into other BBA-ers’ experience before I try this again.  That’s one of the benefits of this collective challenge, after all!


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