Ilmar’s Socks: Finished Project

Now, for another completed and Christmas-themed project!  Ilmar’s socks from Nancy Bush’s Folk Knitting in Estonia.  I love this book, I’ve even lost count of how many projects I have made from this book.  (Finally!  A knitting book for which I have recouped my investment several times over!)

I started (and finished) these socks ages ago, but haven’t had a good photo until now.  And maybe just as well, as this post would have looked a little odd in June.  I didn’t plan to make Christmas socks; rather this was an exercise in making good use of stash yarn.  I had enough red, and enough white.  And scraps of green.  (Yes, it seems obvious now; but no harm done.  You don’t really wear wool socks other than this time of year anyway!)

In case anyone’s wondering, these are indeed men’s socks, made for my husband (and sock model).

Now dad’s feet match little e’s head!


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