All Mac and Cheese

My friend Amy was in town last week and upon using my urbanspoon (love that thing), we found we were in the area of SMAC. This restaurant is one of the latest niche restuarants. All they serve is mac and Cheese. These places are all over New York. All rice pudding, all yogurt. They are everywhere. I even walked by an all risotto place once.
So this place offered many different varieties of mac and cheese. The american (classic cheddar), the Cajun (some spicy concoction), the triple cheese (yep). The one I thought that my sister would enjoy the most was one with fennel and figs. It was actually very tasty.
All in all, the experience was great but I don’t think I’d go back. If I lived down the street-maybe. But to cross the east river and trek down to SMAC just for the macaroni. Ehh…I don’t know.

This was all the different variations in one cast iron skillet.

S'Mac on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “All Mac and Cheese

  1. Fennel and figs? Do you know how many dried figs I eat a week (I only allow myself this indulgence now…). It’s a bad habit…they are pricey.

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