This is not doubled

In the hopes of Christmas pannetone, I started early and am trying to make a “seed culture” which then is converted into a “barm” which is basically cultivated yeast (as opposed to yeast from a packet–i.e. what people did before Fleischmann’s).

By Day 3 I am supposed to have a doubling of the seed culture.  If not Peter Reinhart (he of the Bread Baker’s Apprentice)  says to wait another 24 hours.  But what if still  nothing has happened?  (The masking tape marks where the dough started from.  I.e. it’s not totally dead but not much is going on).

BBA’ers, anyone–what do I do now (I”m on my second try!)


One thought on “This is not doubled

  1. Hi,
    as I understand PR, on day 3 there is NO big rise. He says: “check to see if there has been a rise in the dough” (so it might even happen, that nothing happened). He writes further: “there will probably be some fermentation but not a lot, perhaps a 50% rise.” Yours looks like a 25-30% rise which seems ok…. Then on day 4 there should be a doubling. Hope I understood your problem correctly and didn’t write all nonsense…

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