BBA Challenge #20: Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

I’m sorry, but I just can’t muster up that much excitement about posting on this particular BBA Challenge.  

First misstep:  my dough was overly hydrated.   Unlike many PR recipes, this gave a fixed quantity of liquid, so I dumped it in, rather than adding only as much as the flour needs.  I should know better.  Look at my pictures, it clearly looks like pancake batter.  

Then, as insult to injury,  I overproofed the dough.   (I didnt’ realize it because I thought the look of the dough was a result of it being too wet, as opposed to collapsing on itself!)  

Finally, it was accidentally put in the bag with the delicious pain au levain (next post!) that I made for my husband’s aunt’s (my aunt-in-law’s?) holiday party.  I don’t really mind that I never had any of it, but I do sort of mind the fact that others may have had it (though it probably wasn’t as bad as I feared, and probably was better than multi-grain loaves from the supermarket).   But what does Julia Child say, “no apologies!” 

Perhaps mine is just a multi-grain loaf tres ordinaire, rather than, extraordinaire.   

Anyway, here’s the pictures–I’m too blah about this bread to be inspired to write more.  However, check out these sites (here, here, and here)  for some better results (don’t want to leave you totally empty-handed here!)  


5 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #20: Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

  1. It doesn’t look that bad, I think! One of my favorite multigrain bread recipes is a quick bread that results in a pancake-like batter. The first time I made it I couldn’t imagine it would taste like bread at all – but it was sooooooooo yummy. I am curious whether this BBA bread is similar to that. I’ll find out soon. Did you make ciabatta that same day? Looks like ciabatta behind the multigrain bread in the 4th picture…

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  3. The bread actually looks great! It’s too bad you didn’t try it because I thought this was one of the more magnificent breads in the book.

    • Yeah–it wasn’t really intentional; kind of like much eating at a party ;-). It actually is the type of bread I’d probably really like too; but I imagine when I finally try a few recipes from Whole Grain Breads there will probably be a very similar “transitional” bread.

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