The Crafty Clevering Family

Let the record show… that not only are there 4 attorneys and 1 teacher in our family, but many of us sew, craft, bake, etc.  As noted previously our Gami is phenomenal with all spectacular things with fruit:  applesauce, various crisps and pies, and of course, how can we forget the jam!  It’s rumored that our Aunt Barbara made her own wedding rings out of beaded flowers, strung together with fishing line.  I think I even heard that my Uncle learned how to knit once too!  My dad, well, Jim crafted all sorts of things like fillings for people and quite a few “traps” for furry animals (Fur, Fish and Game published a recent literary memory of his…) and I also have distinct memories of him building several birdhouses for the bluebirds of rural Oklahoma, and my mom, no doubt made many a Halloween costume (Tom & Jerry along with Babar & Celeste), some angel costumes for Nativity scenes, and probably a pioneer dress or two which were worn at the April Oklahoma Land Run celebrations — before her sewing machine (a trusty olive green Singer) gave up on her.

And, as proof, here’s the needlepoint she made for Marie, to commemorate her birth!

And, well, to graciously allow many of us to be embarrassed, here are a few more discoveries we made while in Seattle over the holidays:

Marie with her collection of "Boyd's" bears

Please note, this one is "Retired" -- sure to be worth something some day.

Karen (me) with Anna "Bear"enina -- yes modeled after Anna Karenina


3 thoughts on “The Crafty Clevering Family

  1. Karen – I’m burning with curiosity. Found the Fur, Fish and Game website:

    Now how do I find your Dad’s article? I thought I had it with the one titled “Antique Traps: The Chicken-Thief Man Trap” – doesn’t that sound like your dad? But, alas, it wasn’t written by him.

    Can you send a link to his article?

    Happy New Year to the 3 (very) Clever Sisters!

    Frantzie Couch
    Lawton, OK

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