The Can Jam!

Yes, I’ve signed up for another food blogging challenge.  As if baking my way through the BBA Challenge weren’t enough.

In fact on this one I got in under the wire.  I was reading the latest on Food In Jars and saw a reference that she would be participating in the Tigress Can Jam.  Of course I clicked on the link (did she say food blog challenge?  participate?) and discovered what it’s all about:  the idea is to make one jam each month, based on a given theme.  Then all canjammers post about it and Tigress will do a round-up on her blog.

I immediately emailed Andrea with the simple subject line “Should we do it?”  Yes, after sucking her into blogging, and the BBA Challenge, twitter, and various other web-based distractions, I don’t stop.  But I’m not so guilty–it turns out that Andrea, on her own, has also signed up for the daring bakers and daring cooks challenge (which I’ve followed but managed to resist).  She demurred for a second, as had I, but within a few minutes we asked if we could still get in on the “can jam.” We were signing up late, but luckily (?) we were added to the list.

I’m looking forward to this as one of my goals for the year is to do more canning,* which I am pretty new to (though I have eaten plenty of my grandmother’s delicious homemade jam).  What’s more, a monthly theme will encourage me to try recipes I would otherwise not ever do.  (One of the great things about the BBA Challenge, which I’m sure I’m not even halfway through yet).  The theme for this month is citrus, and I’ve already got something in mind!   


*and sewing, baking, cooking, knitting, gardening whatever.  A resolution my husband pointed out was kind of cheating as it boiled down to :   “I resolve to do more things I think are fun” — that’s not what resolutions are about, right?   Well, maybe, maybe not, but I also pointed out that all these activities require equipment, which has been purchased, so I need to use it so as to get our money’s worth out of it (amortize the purchase, in my career-speak) and not just be a dilettante (or be such a dilettante).  And anyway, he likes to eat.  And I seem to recall a new year’s resolution of his to learn more about meat and wine.  So there.


8 thoughts on “The Can Jam!

  1. Yep – so there! I think you can also frame your resolution as an attempt to lead a more balanced life by engaging in activities that get you in enjoy. Also, it’s an effort to be more balanced by entering the “slow life” movement of making things for yourself rather than purchasing things. A hole in a sock has a lot more meaning when you (or your sister) have knitted it!

  2. Can’t wait to see what you make for the CanJam!
    I too sign up for Way to many things – Daring cooks/bakers, leftover queen joust, foodie fights and now the CanJam! 🙂

  3. I (the aforementioned person that got suck into all these web-based distractions) already bought all the fruits needed for my contribution to the can jam.So, let’s go about it. On your marks, get set, go! 😉

  4. I loved both the strawberry & the strawberry basil jams you made. (They featured in my jam Christmas cookies.) I am hoping I’ll get to see some of the jam magic live through this challenge!

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