Dewey Cabled Pullover

As you might have expected, there is some baby knitting going on here as well–thus I present another finished project from Vintage Baby Knits, the Dewey Cabled Pullover.  The yarn is Louet Gems Fingering Weight Merino in Irish Cream.

I chose this  pattern not just because I thought it was cute (what baby pattern isn’t) but because of the large neckhole–after some previously featured projects that encountered difficulties getting over a rather large noggin, this seemed like a safer course of action.

However, this was not without its “drama”–despite the fact that I should have had enough yarn to make a long-sleeved version of this sweater, after using up two of my three skeins to make the body of the sweater, I decided it would save me a lot of frustration to knit up a short-sleeved version.  I wasn’t sure just how short to make the sleeves, but leafing through the book I noticed some other short-sleeved patterns that measured in around 4 inches or so–sounded good to me!

 I didn’t enjoy this project very much–not because of difficulty, nor was it too boring.  Rather, I was not very happy with the yarn.  As I worked on the project, I just couldn’t imagine the finished project looking very nice.  The color was bland, the stitches looked uneven to me, and it looked rather lopsided.  But–the magic of blocking!  Once the pieces were shaped and sewn up, I was very pleasantly surprised.

So here’s the Dewey Cabled Pullover–size 18-24 months;  to be  modelled at a later date.


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