Stella Pixie Hat

Another Vintage Baby Knits finished project!  This sweet little hat was essentially done a while ago, but for adding on the buttons and sewing in the loose ends.  As usual, for me those last little details are the ones that take the longest.  You would think that after all the work that goes into a project, this little bit extra would not be an obstacle to completion…but it is.

This hat was started and (mostly) finished a while ago for baby marburyvmad (aka Kathryn’s new little boy, expected any day now).  It wasn’t too difficult to make, or, it shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone to make, though it took me quite a bit of extra time as I misread the pattern and had to rip nearly the whole thing out.  At least it was a baby hat, not a sweater for an adult.

I don’t remember what this yarn is called, but it’s some sort of washable sock yarn and it’s quite nice to work with–soft, even stitches, no splitting.  I have a good amount left over and can certainly get at least another hat out of it.

Despite the fact that it was the finishing touches that kept this in the unfinished pile so long, at the end of the day I am fairly taken with them–the yellow jellybean button and the first use of my personalized tags!


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