Provence Baby Cardigan

Apparently, I have just been sitting around and sewing buttons on/weaving ends into knitted baby items (actually, not just knitted items, but more on that later).  This is making me look really productive, but in fact think about how few knitting projects have appeared on here lately and you get an idea of how much time these have been buried in one of my bags beside the couch).

This pattern is the Provence Baby Cardigan (from the Classic Elite people in nearby Lowell MA), and the yarn is Berroco Comfort DK (yes, a synthetic yarn!  Horrors!  And what’s more, I actually liked it!) in #2723, that I picked up last year in Seattle at this store.  I liked this cardigan as it reminded me of Kate Gilbert’s Pea Pod Cardigan, which I made for little E pre-blog but which is sadly no longer available.  Pink is beacuse I planned to make it for a friend’s baby (who I then realized may not be a girl and who got this instead, and who is now too big for this sweater anyway).  In other words, pink is not for “my” bun in the oven–the male female balance is expected to tip even more out of my favor.  (Three clever sisters not to be repeated for this little branch of the family tree).

No immediate plans for this little sweater, therefore, but at least I can mark it off the “to be completed” list.


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