If at first you don’t succeed


6:30 AM

6:30 PM.

I got this via my sister-in-law who has a friend in law school who got this from a professor.  And as the pictures would indicate, I think we’ve got a live one!


8 thoughts on “If at first you don’t succeed

  1. I’m jealous! I need to get me some sourdough… I had a live one going for a little while, but it died before I even got a chance to use it, poor little sponge.

    • Thanks! As for the second canner, I only bought it because the only other pot that is big enough to can in is necessary to actually make the jam, etc. Anyway, I don’t mind having the bigger one–good excuse to take advantage of living in New England and making some lobster! (OK, that freaks me out too–the buying and cooking, not the eating, though I have done it before!)

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