BBA Challenge #26: Poolish Baguettes

More baguettes!   Poolish baguettes, to be exact, as the next bread in the BBA Challenge.

I’ve made this before; with some leftover poolish from a challenge past (somewhere before #10 I think).  That time I sifted the wheat flour as suggested, but when I saw in the side notes that the intent is to approximate ‘clear flour’ I just went ahead and used the clear flour I just got from King Arthur (using my gift certificate from Christmas.  Thanks Mom!)

I also trotted out my new “dough doubler” (thanks again, Mom!) for the first time–hopefully this will cut down on the saran wrap usage around here, plus no more guesstimating as to how much your dough has actually grown.  Here’s a photo about halfway through the first rise.  Isn’t it fun to see the little bubbles grow through the clear jar?

You actually let this rise not once, but twice, before shaping.  And then, form your baguettes and proof one last time…

Slashed and ready to go in the oven.

Cooling.  I think the reddish color is a bit due to the light from the window as I snapped the photo, but perhaps also a bit thanks to the flour used as well?

Probably not easy to see, but even the crumb of the bread is a bit different in color to the typical baguette–more “white” bread than anything else, but with a few flecks here and there.  Sort of like this bread–basically a baguette, but a slightly different flavor thanks to the clear flour.

By the way, is it odd for a two-year old to wolf down half of one of these baguettes in an afternoon?  (Once again surprising us with just how much he is able to reach off of the counter).


2 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #26: Poolish Baguettes

  1. I would worry about 2-year-old who didn’t love this bread! Nice job. Now that I’m finished with the Challenge, I want to go back and make baguettes. So simple and delicious.

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