One If by Land, Two if by Sea

it looks like a burger at first glance...

For my husband’s birthday I took him to One if by Land, Two if by Sea. A very romantic restaurant with a piano player and all. My husband had beef wellington at another restaurant a while back and wanted to have more of it. Thankfully, I found this restaurant which is known for it on it’s menu. If anyone doesn’t know a beef wellington is a steak cut with a layer of foie gras and then the entire steak is wrapped in a pastry puff. Wow. Yes, it’s a bit rich, but totally worth a 30th birthday celebration.

For starters, my husband decided that one layer of foie gras would not be enough so he got an appetizer of foie gras to start with. For me, just some oxtail ravioli. I’m not sure why oxtail is on so many upscale restaurant’s menus. I don’t think the meat is that expensive (because it’s all over west-indian menus and never that pricey) or if it’s the way they prepare it at these restaurants.

Dessert–a fabulous “funnel cake” with caramelized apples, some type of vanilla ice cream, funnel cake pieces with apple cider foam to the side. It was really fabulous. I had almost got the traditional chocolate cake, but when do you ever see funnel cake as a dessert? As my sisters know, I’m all about the fruit desserts.

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One thought on “One If by Land, Two if by Sea

  1. Poor husband, now everyone knows he is thirty. That’s pretty hard core having foie gras as an appetizer too.

    I bet the oxtail was good. I suppose it’s on these menus because it’s an inexpensive cut (I think) that is “exotic” enough that they can still charge enough for. There’s this whole art to pricing entrees I’ve heard, maybe it subsdized the beef wellington. Also, I have only had it a few times (it’s quite common as a Spanish tapa) but I think for stews it has a lot of connective tissue which makes for a rich broth.

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