A Proud Owner of The Modern Baker

A sturdy, heavy packaged arrived in the US Mail today for me.  Finally — it arrived!  My Modern Baker cookbook!  Given I’m the only of the three clevers sisters on the West Coast, it made sense for me to purchase my own cookbook to add to the collection.  This is one of the few that is not vegetarian/vegan based!  The other two are Hello Cupcake and a chocolate making cookbook (thanks Aunt B! LYFEAE!).  Sara assured me that it’s a nice book to have regardless, and I agree.  The pictures will make your mouth salivate, and as I joked with my co-worker, send your blood sugar spiraling with just a peak.  Nevertheless, they are pretty and the delicacies are taunting me with their perfection.  I don’t know that any cake of mine will be as beautiful as the one on the cover or the Rum Punch Cookies — how did they get the glaze so effortlessly clean, with no imperfections?  Perhaps I will learn.

And, yes, we all know the real reason Sara signed us up for this — she’s tired of carrying the blog and this is a good way to hold us accountable.  I’ve been told by several different folks from several different areas of the country.  Her loyal and devoted hubby also pointed this out to Marie a few days ago, pointedly noting that perhaps the name shouldn’t really be THREE clever sisters.  Ahem.


2 thoughts on “A Proud Owner of The Modern Baker

  1. Hmm, was hoping to read Sara’s fennel fig post. She said she had scheduled it for today. I’m sure she has other things on her mind now that Don Segundo has arrived ;-).

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