I was on the lookout for a restaurant with great cocktails and tapas and I found it! My friend and I went to this amazing restaurant a couple of days ago. I was hoping that it would be a cheap restaurant but was mislead when I realized how small the servings were.
Here is a list of the great food we had:

Dates wrapped with olives and bacon- very tasty. I actually don’t like olives a ton and bacon isn’t one of my all time favorites but I loved the sweet/salty factor and the small one bite factor.

Mushroom gnocchi-this had the uber trendy foam on top instead of the traditional sauce. My friend wasn’t a fan, but I thought it was great.

Deep fried goat cheese-I’m in heaven. These were amazing. This had a layer of honey on the plate as well. There is nothing more to say. I’m sad I only had two.

Avocado Rellino-This was quite interesting. It was basically an entire avocado with crabmeat & shrimp, frisee, and orange segments inside it. Very good, light and filling at the same time.

The atmosphere was probably what made the restaurant so nice. Two floors, all wood where you can look down at the other tables. Dark rooms with great lighting and of course great sangria. =)


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