Modern Baker Challenge–Whole Wheat Currant Bread

Abbreviated post–while I baked this a while ago, I did not write it up as diligently, so this is going to have to be short and sweet as I am otherwise occupied with my own bun just out of the oven!  (Yes, I couldn’t resist the corny cliché, but where else can I get away with it but in a blog post about bread?)

Next up in the modern baker challenge:  whole wheat currant bread.  I was pleased that this bread used entirely whole wheat flour:  I don’t use it so often (I should, healthy whole grains and so forth!)  I was also curious as to how it would turn out–that is, using nothing but whole wheat in a sweeter-type (i.e. not rustic/artisanal) bread.    (I also took the opportunity to use up some buttermilk–I imagine this was used in order to tenderize the whole wheat flour.

Batter in the pan, not much to look at.

I am not sure if it is because I used a ceramic baking dish, but this took about 20 minutes more to finish baking than called for.  (Though this has not previously affected baking times).  But when it came out, it was quite pretty:

The bread is sweet thanks to all the currants, they really carry it–otherwise the loaf would probably taste like a pretty generic whole wheat muffin.  The crust was thin and delicate; while the bread itself tends to crumble pretty easily as it is so dense with fruit.  (This crumbling happened all the more easily as the bread got older). 

Overall, I think this bread was pretty good, and though I don’t know if I’d be making it all the for me; Little E really liked it–he always wants toast with jelly and I believe thanks to the currants he was content to eat this on its own.  Like I said, dense with fruit.  Not sure if I can officially declare this a “healthy item” that “you can feel good about giving your kids” but at least in his case, it seems to be true.


5 thoughts on “Modern Baker Challenge–Whole Wheat Currant Bread

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  3. Looks good. When I got the e-mail that there was a new post at your website I was absolutely sure that one of your sisters had written something. I’m so impressed that you’ve written a blog post already – it was a good chance for the little bun pun, though (which I liked, btw) ;-).

  4. This looks really good. I have not seen a lot of favorable comments on this bread, i.e. no one raving about it, so am eager to bake this and see for myself. Probably going to bake a half version and do it in my little pans. I must say, yours does look very nice.

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