Modern Baker Challenge–Chocolate Spice Bread

Just some pics from when I baked chocolate spice bread from the Modern Baker Challenge.  Yum!  I may not like spice bread all that much, but I sure like chocolate spice bread.  I would not be the first to observe how chocolate can make anything good though, would I?


8 thoughts on “Modern Baker Challenge–Chocolate Spice Bread

  1. I so wanted to make this bread this weekend and when I just read your post I realized I forgot to buy sour cream. :-(((((. No motivation, though, to go back to the grocery store. I just came back from my weekly grocery shopping…

  2. This does look good. But I heard a rumor there was a lot of recent baking: do tell! (Okay — maybe I am exam procrastinating, and maybe you are a little busy with other things like — you know — a newborn, but you should take it as a compliment. Reading about your baking adventures is one of my favorite forms of procrastination!)

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  5. Hi! I am new to Modern Baker Challenge. This was my first bread to bake. We enjoyed it. I will make this one again. Yours looks delicious.

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