Real Welsh Scones – Modern Baker Challenge

This morning as Sara was perusing Local Breads she read aloud, “Discover your  signature bread!”  Oh, that’s easy — for me, (I thought) it’s obviously scones. (Sara, for those interested, declared hers to be brioche.)

Because the three clever sisters divided up the recipes of Modern Baker, Marie claimed most of the scones recipes, because, well, all of us devour carbs, especially those laced with sugar and butter.   I did quickly steal a scone assignment — “Real Welsh Scones.”

This recipe surprised me a little because it called for cream of tartar but no baking soda.  My tried and true Joy of Baking recipe calls for both baking soda and powder but no cream of tartar.

** Sara later informed me that cream of tartar can be used in bind to make some baking powder (from baking soda?) so I suppose the same chemicals are involved.  Our friend Malgieri explains this on page 41 at the beginning of the “Quick Breads” chapter.  He also explains the powers of baking powder and baking soda too! **

The recipe also called for an egg, which my standard did not.  While I normally use 1/2 & 1/2, I only used milk here (Sara had 2% on hand).

And, while I’m on the topic “what’s different?” this recipe had me score the scones and then bake them.  The scones were then completely cut after they had been baked and cooled.  This is probably why the finished product looks much tidier than mine normally does.  They bake up in a nice wedge shape rather than expanding in all directions.

I appreciated the use of the food processor in this recipe.  It takes away a little of the necessary “elbow grease” of the pastry cutter.  That said, I’d likely opt for the pastry cutter because there’s something psychological about having to clean the whole food processor – oh and drag it out from under the counter too!  I know you can put it in the dish washer, but I’d rather not.

The instructions were as to be expected.  Mix up the dry ingredients and then add the butter and process until crumbly.  Whip up the wet ingredients and pour into the dry, stirring with a spatula. 

Bake until “very deep golden” as our buddy Malgieri says.  Quite yummy.  I can’t wait to try them with some of Sara’s homemade preserves too!  Little E enjoyed as well.


4 thoughts on “Real Welsh Scones – Modern Baker Challenge

  1. Beautiful scones! I just made them last weekend, and I’m hungry for them again. They were really good with homemade three-citrus marmalade.

    I guess one advantage of flying through these recipes (I have 5 left to go) is that I’ll have time to go back and bake some of them again before we move on to the yeast breads.

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