Pecorino and Pepper Biscuits-Modern Baker Challenge

I was very nervous about making biscuits. As I kept telling my sister, I have never made homemade biscuits or any type of bread so this quick bread chapter is a good preparation for the next chapter of bread making. I had to get a pan for the apple raisin bread and realized while I was at Brooklyn Kitchen (a great cooking store in Williamsburg) that I don’t have a food processor. I realize this is shocking, but my kitchen-aid was my big item from my wedding registry and I don’t know how I can fit anything else in my kitchen or my future kitchen either. I decided it still wasn’t a good idea to get one just yet (perhaps I will buy one that you can use for soups because it is much smaller) so I commited to not using it for this recipe which turned out NOT to be a collasal mistake.

I thought I would keep this secret to myself, but it turns out I don’t have to. I took no pictures of making the biscuits because I thought it wouldn’t turn out if I didn’t use the food processor. I wasn’t sure in the end if I would just need to toss the entire thing in the garbage and call it a day. We have a small “magic bullet” but I didn’t think it would work to section out the batter into 4 parts and then blend so I just used the Kitchen Aid and hoped for the best. I’m suprised that the recipe calls for cold butter. It’s very convenient because I always forget to soften the butter beforehand but I never get how the scones/or any type of quick bread turns out well when the butter is not softer and not as easy to incorporate into the dough.
Really, there wasn’t much to the recipe and it was easier than the apple raisin bread because I didn’t have to shred the apples, but instead the cheese which wasn’t as time consuming. I think by using the mixer instead of a food processor my biscuits where definitely more clumpy looking but they tasted fantastic! They really turned out great. What I really like about this recipe is you can eat it for all different meals. It’s not just a breakfast item as some of the scones tend to be.


6 thoughts on “Pecorino and Pepper Biscuits-Modern Baker Challenge

  1. I love love love the look of them…they look so rustic and lovely. And tasty! I am getting ready to make these this week, so it’s nice to see that you enjoyed them before I did into something I am not particularly adept at…biscuits! Hopefully I won’t end up with my usual non-rising hockey pucks…surely with Nick’s recipe I have a better chance, right?

  2. I’ve learned the hard way with using soft butter for scones and biscuits. You always have to use cold butter because that creates the flakiness — the water in the cold butter evaporates (or something) when they bake which gives them the ideal texture. Also, you could probably have nixed the food processor step by using a pastry cutter too. The whole point is to cut up the butter into really small pieces without bringing down the temperature too much. The food processor is just an easy way to do this — and apparently so is the kitchenaid! I use the pastry cutter because I don’t have a kitchenaid at this point, and there’s less to clean. I wish I were there to enjoy the biscuits!

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