Scratchbread and the Brooklyn Flea Market

My husband and I had an amazing time at the Brooklyn Flea Market this weekend. We happened to find a ton of great jewelry (well, I did) and one of the vendors turned out to be the husband of the woman who married us!

Since we are moving to a new place, we also found a ton of great furniture that were great finds.
One of the best vendors we had was a place called Scratchbread. We tried the bread called Plaintain Bread Cake with Mole Streusel

All I can say is it was to die for! I loved it. I love mole and have tried making it at home before and wasn’t too successful. I was intrigued by the fact that mole is always in enchiladas or glazed on chicken. So, I definitely was interested in how they made that a sweet bread. It really was the sweet from the plaintain and the spice from the mole. I guess the owner of Scratchbread has his breads all over different Brooklyn bakeries but I had never had it before.
Check it out.


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