Ginger Almond Scones

Well, I had a great time making these scones, but not having a food processor made the prep time a bit longer than I’m assuming it would normally take. I’ve never made scones before and it was actually quite easy. I keep noticing with some of these baded goods how important it is to have cold butter or room temperature butter etc. This recipe called for unsalted cold butter. I’m assuming also because it would be way too strong to have the salt with the ginger as well.

The ginger was difficult to get cut up and it definitely needs that fine dicing of a food processor to make it small. However, it was fine, but I will admit the final product wasn’t for a person who doesn’t love ginger. There was a whole lot of it!

I almost put the scones in right at the end without putting the amazing almond topping on them. I thought for a moment that it was supposed to go on afterwards, like a glaze. Then I remembered that I was mixing raw egg white with almonds and realized my mistake! I loved the topping on these scones. I’m trying to think of what other types of things you could put this topping on. It was very simple to make (cinnamon, sugar, egg whites and almonds) and a little of it goes a long way.

All in all, a great scone! I took them to work with me the next day and no one could believe that they were made with scratch. A co-worker said that they had ginger scones down the street from her apartment that weekend. (I’m hoping mine were at least comparable!)


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