Modern Baker Challenge–Irish Soda Bread Muffins

My next contribution to the Modern Baker challenge:  Irish Soda Bread Muffins.  I ended up with these by default–after appropriating a goodie like chocolate spice bread, I had to give Karen and Marie a go at divvying up the first chapter, and ended up with Irish Soda Bread muffins.  I wasn’t tremdously excited but at the same time figured they’d be decent enough.

In fact these were much better than expected.  Not heavy and dry as I’d feared, but light and moist.  Slightly sweet, but also with a bit more complexity of flavor thanks to the caraway seed.  The caraway is optional, and I almost left it out, thinking that this spice I so associate with rye bread could not possibly mesh well with a slightly sweet, raisin-studded bread.  After tasting the result, I can’t see making it without the caraway.   Otherwise I think you’d have a rather unremarkable raisin muffin–the spice (or is it an herb?) takes it to another level.

Since this was another item I stole time to bake while little H was sleeping and while aunt Karen entertained little E, there are not too many photos.  The other reason for the lack of visuals?  We polished these guys off pretty quickly.  These baking challenges are not good for getting off the baby weight.


6 thoughts on “Modern Baker Challenge–Irish Soda Bread Muffins

  1. Nice job! I agree — these were much moister and more flavorful than expected.

    FYI — caraway seed is a spice. Generally, herbs come from the leafy parts of the plant (leaves, flowers), while spices come from seeds, roots, bark, etc.

  2. I thought of skipping this recipe, but now that you say they are not dry, I might re-consider making it. I can’t imagine adding caraway seeds, though, so I would have plain raisin muffins. Let’s see… Yours look great!

  3. We loved these as well. I left out the carraway, as like you, I associate it with other things and just didn’t see it in this recipe. They were moist, I was really surprised at how moist b/c soda bread usually is not! Yours look just wonderful!

  4. Glad they were a hit! I was thinking of skipping them as well (I don’t like fruit in my bread), but I am interested in how the caraway compliments the muffin. Very nice job!

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