Modern Baker Challenge: Butterscotch Scones

These were much easier to make than the ginger scones. When I made the last scones, I didn’t think they were particularly hard, but after making these I realized there were just a lot less steps to take with these. One mistake that I did make was not venturing out for the dark brown sugar. I instead decided to stay with the light brown sugar. I know this is ridiculous because after trying the scones I really think the dark brown would have given it a deeper taste of butterscotch. I’m wondering though if it would have made that much of a difference. The salt in the butter helped it not be too sweet, but I think maybe adding a butterscotch glaze would have been fun. Also, I noticed in the variations that you can add chocolate chips which I think would be a great addition.
In the end, it doesn’t matter because they turned out great.

With the ginger scones, you definitely didn’t need any butter or jam with it, but these scones are great with a
little orange marmelade (thanks big sis) or some rasberry jam and it does the trick.
Very easy to make, quick time baking and all in all I did the whole thing before leaving to go the gym with a scone in hand (probably not the healthiest of breakfasts!)


7 thoughts on “Modern Baker Challenge: Butterscotch Scones

  1. I agree, these were simple and delicious. The first time I made them, I used unsalted butter by mistake. They were OK, but definitely paled next to the ginger scones, which I baked at the same time.

    The other night I got bored watching the AI final, so I buzzed out to the kitchen, whipped up a half batch of the butterscotch scones, and was back in my chair before they announced the winner. What a difference the right ingredients makes! We (OK, I) polished off the entire half batch before bedtime.

  2. I am still so curious about these. I don’t see how the ingredients come together to make butterscotch. And why salted butter? Why not unsalted butter and salt? Someday I will have to make these.

    Glad the marmelade went to good use!

  3. I second Sara’s thought here: I don’t see either how the ingredients come together to make butterscotch. That’s why I added butterscotch chips to mine and thought they were fantastic!

  4. Your scones look delicious. We absolutely loved these and I ate them just with nothing on them or in them because they were so good just that way. I can’t be making these too often as I would eat far too many of them.

  5. They look delicious! Almost makes me want to make another batch. I made mine with chips both times, but I think the basic scone is a good one for everyday nibbling too.

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