BBA Challenge #31: New York Deli Rye

Now this is a New York Deli Rye (says the Oklahoma raised, Boston area resident).   At least, this is what I imagine a New York Deli Rye to be. 

Armed with sourdough starter (which I have managed to keep  alive in spite of all the goings on here) and after a lengthy hiatus I started the next bread in the BBA challenge

One ingredient in this recipe immediately stood  out:  sautéed onions.  What was even more surprising (or weird, I admit is what I was thinking) is that these sautéed onions are added  to the pre-ferment.

The initial mix:

And fermented, ready for its overnight stint in the fridge.

I admit I was a bit worried about how this whole concoction would smell the next day.  Onions and yeast hanging around together for extended periods of time?  Fermenting?  Hmmm. 

Result?  It was pretty pungent, but in the “right way”–I had no doubt that things were going right, in other words, when I proceeded.

Now to rise.  I’m glad I had my extra large dough doubler for this one.  The amount of dough is greater than the average BBA recipe.

Luckily I had a warm spot in the sunroom to help things along.  There’s no way I could have used the proofing box trip (as explained by gaaarp).

You are then instructed to divide the dough into three loaves.  I admit I was a bit skeptical that I had enough dough for three loaves, but given that this is a bigger recipe than usual, I went with it.  Still, once I filled my three loaf pans I should have known these guys were not going to crest above the rim. 

So my loaves were a bit puny.  They were still light, with a good crumb (in spite of the pieces of onion, in fact!) and made a mean reuben sandwich.  So say I, who have never really had one before, but it seemed like this was the right occasion to try one.  We gobbled them up.  My take on reubens?  Pretty darn salty, but pretty darn good!  (Oh, and because my loaves were modest, you can eat more than one sandwich without terribly overindulging). 

I would love to make this bread again–savory, flavorful, hearty.  If it’s not too preposterous a thing to say, I feel like I should be in the opening segment of Law and Order (RIP) with Briscoe, having a sandwich made with this bread.


6 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #31: New York Deli Rye

  1. YAY, your first BBA entry after little H.’s birth. Great loaves! So, what’s the exact recipe for a Reuben sandwich? I’ve heard about it a couple of times, but have never had one. I see that my fancy HTCE app has a recipe, but I don’t really get how I have to assemble it…

  2. nicely done!! i’m super impressed that you kept your starter alive — i’ve always thought i couldn’t do that but if you could do it with so much else going on… hmmm….

  3. I took a break from the BBA and just starting the NY Deli rye. I found your blog while browsing through those who have gone on before me. You’ve done a GREAT job on this bread and I’m crossing my fingers on this one. Also nice to meet another L&O fan!

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