The Conclusion: Jenny & Derek’s quilt

Nearly 2 years since they were married, I finished the quilt, and I love it.  I love the colors.  I love the fabric.  And, I love that I paid the extra cash to get it professionally quilted.  For those who don’t know, all the fun curli-q’s you see on a quilt is more than likely completed with a long-arm quilting machine.  This machine is HUGE and takes up the entire room or studio.  Although it adds to the cost of an already pricey hobby, the finished product is so much nicer.  As I was reminded time and again in my quilt shop, you put in a lot of money for the fabric and even more for your TIME, and the end result should be worthy of that. With a visit from J&D this weekend, I’m super excited to present them with this much belated gift.  Yes, it’s for both of them, but considering the overpowering pinks and purples, J is probably going to appreciate it more.

The Finished Product


J&D Modeling the Quilt

Next on the line up?  A t-shirt quilt made for my friend Jodee from her volleyball coaching T’s and a baby quilt for Baby Boy Drews.  Ah, too many projects and yet so little time.


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