Crisp Cormeal Flatbread – Modern Baker Challenge

It was bound to happen at some point.  With so much baking and so many lucky, successful attempts, the odds were I would have a major flop soon.  The flatbread was such the flop.  If only I had a picture of my father feeding the bread to the birds…

Over the (RAINY) 4th of July weekend in Seattle, I decided with my extra time (and with no sewing machine on hand) I would bake some of my “assignments” from this challenge.  Between my parent’s house and grandma’s I managed to procure the necessary ingredients and equipment.  From my grandma I borrowed a mini, 4-cup (or less!) food processor.  My mom had the yeast, cornmeal, and other baking ingredients, except for the paprika, for which I substituted chili powder.

In that brief description, I can highlight where I traveled astray from Mr. Maglieri’s excellent instructions.

1.  the food processor was small and didn’t do a very good job of blending up the coarse cornmeal with the flour and ultimately the yeast.  I think this is why the dough was recalcitrantly thick and unmalleable.

2.  the chili powder for paprika.  Not a good substitution.  The chili powder detracted from the cornmeal rather than enhancing the savoriness or complementing the sweetness.

3.  rainy, drafty Seattle.  Normally I don’t give much thought to where I allow the dough to rise.  Perhaps placing the bowl before the drafty window wasn’t the best idea this time around. The dough did ultimately rise, but it probably could have been better.

The dough, pre-drafty rising

attempting to make the flatbread

Sadly, this is no magic oven and there was nothing magica or tasty about the results this time.

Sorry Nick!  Maybe I’ll give this another try later, but I’m just going to rest in the fact that some already overfed seagulls or pigeons or crows were able to enjoy some good ‘ol home-cooking.


4 thoughts on “Crisp Cormeal Flatbread – Modern Baker Challenge

  1. It’s comforting to know that not all goes according to plan and desire in other people’s kitchens as well as my own. Sometimes I have a hit and sometimes I don’t. It was a nice read, however, and gave me lots of tips where I should pay careful attention when I make this one. Thanks for sharing. Am sure the birds love you!

  2. Ouch! I’m not looking forward to this one now because I have neither a food processor, nor the counter space to hold one. Hope the next breads are better!

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