Modern Baker Challenge-Pita Bread

Well I made the pita bread a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely harder than the other items I’ve cooked in the cookbook so far. While the bread turned out fine, I was disappointed by the shape of the pita and the fact that they didn’t bubble up as much as I’d like during the baking process. Baking bread can look so simple–there are so few ingredients and the steps are pretty easy! However, I think I went wrong on a several points. 1) It was very humid and hot in my apt. and it took quite a while for the dough to rise. 2) I didn’t have a roller so I had to use the back of other utensils and my hands. (I have since fixed this problem, since I know I have many more bread challenges to go!) 3) I still feel that maybe if I had a conventional oven, it may be easier–or—when I gain more experience from my oven, it may be easier.

The other thing I didn’t account for was how long a batch of bread can take to make. The process of stirring the yeast and beating it etc. is no problem, but then you really have to be there to watch the dough and make sure it rises. I took my sister’s advice when I realized I needed to step out and put it in the fridge. My friend was over and it seemed as if the fridge helped it rise (?). After taking it out, it rose so much quicker and then it was to the rolling and cutting. My pita bread was really thick —but after all this complaining–it was good! It was really tasty and was great with hummus and peanut butter (my fav). I, of course, made too much because it was really only me eating it so the last couple of pieces went bad. Hopefully I can take all these mistakes with me to the next challenge!


7 thoughts on “Modern Baker Challenge-Pita Bread

  1. My first attempt at pita bread was — to put it generously — less than successful. My second attempt was much better; my third better still. I think by the fourth time, I’ll have it perfected.

  2. I’ve had foccacias that look more like ciabattas and sandwich loaves turn into pancakes. You may not get exactly the bread you are going for, but if you like the result, who cares!

    Especially with your oven and figuring all that out–even normal ovens you have to get used to–mine is 25 degrees too cold!

    Next time you can freeze the rest too, and bring me up some. It can defrost on the bolt bus journey.

  3. I think, the pitas don’t look too bad at all! Looking forward to trying this recipe and comparing it to my go-to pita recipe which is from the BBA (the Lavash cracker dough) which is perfect.

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