Completed t-shirt quilt

And, we’re done.  The “stitch in the ditch” lines were not as clean as I liked, it was just a little shy of an standard full/queen bedspread, and well, it’s not perfect for various other reasons.  But, since when is perfection attained anyway?

Back detail, using dark blue bobbin thread

Front detail, using light blue thread

Front meets back

Completed quilt front

Wrapped up and ready to deliver

I wish I had a picture of the quilt’s recipient Jodee with her gift, but I unfurled the blanket in the middle of an outdoor patio at the local Mexican restaurant during my lunch hour.  The photo opps weren’t ideal.  Maybe I’ll have her take a picture with it when she’s settled in her new digs.  She’s been placed at a middle school in rural Mississippi teaching English and Math.  And, she’s put out a plea for books and book suggestions for that range, as her school will likely have very little resources.


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