Some Brazilian and Argentinian cuisine…

While I am getting emotionally prepared for my next bread baking challenge, I thought I’d post something a bit easier. Posting other people’s beautifully cooked and sometimes odd creations is far easier than baking myself! My husband and I just got back from a trip from South America. We went to Brazil and Argentina and a half day (not really a day to take anything in) in Uruguay.
All in all, the food from Argentina was amazing! It was a pretty easy set up for me though. I love sweets and they have a lot of ’em! They have this amazing dulce de leche cream spread which they put on everything. I got into it and put on my croissants every morning. The coffee is rich and strong-very good. The steaks are ridiculously cheap and on almost all menus. The wine is also JUST as good.
My husband and I went to a fantastic restaurant the day before we left and he mistakenly got the T-bone (it was about 20 dollars which is pretty cheap considering the size)

We did try some of the more ‘odd’ meats at a typical BBQ that they have all over. It was the blood sausage which was surprisingly ok. It was a grainy consistency which sounds gross, but it did have a lot of flavor. I’m not saying I’d order it again, but all in all not terrible.

The Brazilian food was also good, but they are heavy on the savory. Most of the time we could find nothing but cheese and heavy breads for breakfast which got old quick. They do serve this great dish of jerked beef with a pumpkin puree and rice.

Last, but not least-drinks.
The caprini’s were amazing. Great rum, sugar and limes. Pretty simple. Very tasty.


One thought on “Some Brazilian and Argentinian cuisine…

  1. Please take me next time instead of Brandon! I can offer Spanish language services to earn my keep! Though I do come with baggage, namely little E & H.

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