BBA Challenge #35: Sunflower Seed Rye

Really, I have been making progress on the BBA Challenge.  Just not so much progress posting on the BBA challenge.

I prepared for this bread, Sunflower Seed Rye, some time in advance by buying a big bag of sunflower seeds.  Too big, in fact.  When I got home and realized I had a pound of these guys, I thought to myself:  “I hope I like this bread.”  Also, since I don’t have tons of success with rye breads, I was a bit wary on that score as well.

Unfortunately, as you might expect from someone who is behind on her blogging, I don’t remember a tremendous amount about the actual making of this bread. 

I do know I didn’t do the greatest job of distributing the sunflower seeds through.  And that this was a result of being in a rush to focus on some child or another.

This was also the reason I forgot to shape the loaves as prescribed by Peter Reinhart.  Nevermind, they tasted just as good in a boule shape!

I actually really liked this bread.  Probably thanks to the mix of rye and wheat, the bread rose nicely and didn’t present the problems I often have with rye bread.  The sunflower seeds added a nice nutty flavor–I only realized once I tasted this bread that sunflower seeds are the “secret ingredient” in one of my favorite store-bought breads.  And oh, I really like sunflower seeds on salads!

So not only was this bread a worthy challenge on my BBA journey, but there were a few unexepected discoveries.  (Though I’m not sure it’s a discovery when it relates to something you already know…nice reminder perhaps?)


4 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #35: Sunflower Seed Rye

  1. You make this one sound just wonderful, Sara! And I loved the comment about not following directions because of being distracted by some child or another ~ that’s so my life! =)

    • Thanks–yes, sometimes just baking it is achievement enough with other stuff going on! Peter Reinhart’s meditative approach to breadmaking will have to wait for another point in life 🙂

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