Modern Baker Challenge: Pain de Seigle

I have to say that I was not that big of a fan of one of my “assigned” Modern Baker Challenge breads, Pain de Seigle.  And before you guess at the reason, it’s not because I don’t like rye.  I think that the problem was I got into making my sourdough ryes around the same time and this just wasn’t as tasty.  Am I turning into a sourdough snob?  Who knows.  The bread was OK on day one, but remained untouched for a few days at which point it was turned into bread crumbs.  That’s the good thing about breads that don’t turn out well–they can still be useful in some other way–and will taste a heckuva lot better than the store bought variety.  (I keep my crumbs in the freezer, and have learned that you’d better not let the bread get too stale or you’ll never get your crumbs ground down properly.  Despite advice telling you to use stale bread.  I’d say, bread just beginning to go stale, if you want nice uniform crumbs).

I even tried this bread twice and neither time was too impressed.  C’est la vie.  Andrea and Phyl enjoyed theirs so you can check out their posts to get a balanced take on this bread.  In the meantime, I’m going to continue to be distracted by Dan Leader’s Local Breads!


3 thoughts on “Modern Baker Challenge: Pain de Seigle

  1. They can’t all be winners, can they? Overall, I don’t think traditional yeast breads are Nick’s strong suit. But maybe I’m just a bread snob, too.

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