It’s Autumn and it’s APPLE time!

This past weekend, I overheard a friend talking about the Apple Tasting at the Portland Nursery.  My ears perked right up and I quickly inserted myself into the conversation.  What is that?  When is it?  Where is it?  It just so happened the nursery was en route to a baby shower I was planning to attend, and so, yes, the stars had aligned.  Unfortunately I underestimated the fun of Portland surface street traffic and had no time to spare.

The event was family friendly with pumpkin painting, arts and crafts, and of course apple tasting.  For shame — I missed that part!  The line was simply too long.  Resigned, I did the best I could by grabbing one of the info sheets about the qualities of the various apples available to purchase.  Were the good for baking? canning?  sauces?  eating fresh?  I marched over to the bins and bins of apples and started to load up.

I ultimately opted for the “J” for the Jonathon and Jonagold apples.  My sole purpose was making apple sauce and maybe an apple crisp or two.  These were supposed to be good for both sauce and baking.


Any and all apples were $.89/lb which seemed like a good deal to me, but Gami a few days later wasn’t that impressed.  Better than Safeway….

I made it to the baby shower within the respective period of fashionably late and prepped my contribution to the fare.  Apples.  Not kidding.  The day before, at Safeway, I bought about 3 or 4 lbs of Gala apples and made a sweet cream cheese dip.

They were a hit!  The dip was very easy to prepare:  combine 1/2 cup of brown sugar with 1 softened package of cream cheese.  You can also add  a drop or two of vanilla or a little shake-shake of cinnamon too.


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