A fun week in food

There’s a little blowing of one’s own horn in this post, but that’s part of the reason it’s been so fun:  our blog got featured as one of WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed” blogs of the day this week.  It’s been fun to have so many new visitors and meet so many new people, “virtually” speaking.  We hope you continue to visit.

In the meantime, another meeting (for me) made this week special:  I attended a book signing for Mark Bittman’s newest, The Food Matters Cookbook.  If you’ve been here before, you know I’m a huge fan.  I already had gotten this book from the library as I couldn’t wait until the book signing to start cooking from it.  And, of course, I love it!

You don’t think I went without my camera, do you?  Now you know what it takes to get me to post a picture of myself up on this blog…


6 thoughts on “A fun week in food

  1. YAY! I am proud to say I knew you when…
    Also, I read an article about baking and freezing Christmas cookies, which I think might be an excellent idea for this year. Send me recipes if you have requests.

  2. This is beyond awesome. I wish I could have come with you. And I’m proud you have de-anonymized yourself (that is so far from a word, I know…)

  3. Congratulations on your “Freshly Pressed” designation. The Three Clever Sisters deserve the kudos.

    And it was great to see Sara’s shining face, especially in the same photo with Mark Bittman, one of my favorite food writers.

    Frantzie Couch
    Lawton, OK

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