Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Raisins

I love brussel sprouts. So the season of winter is a great one for me since there is a plethora of goody greeness around! I bought some brussel sprouts and didn’t want to do the same old thing, so I started searching for recipes online and found a great one from Mark Bittman.
It’s pretty simple:
Shred one pound of brussel sprouts in the food processor. While you are doing this, fry some bacon (six pieces). Remove bacon from pan and add the brussel sprouts to the same skillet (This is to soak up the great bacon grease! However, I poured some of it out because there was way too much of it.). The brussel sprouts cook for about 10 minutes. This is also when you drop in the raisins (or it can be dates or figs)

It was fabulous. I made a side pasta dish on the side but it really could be a light dinner if you want it to be.


3 thoughts on “Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Raisins

  1. Yum! It’s really amazing how good brussels sprouts can be when they are roasted or sauteed, isn’t it? How did it come to pass that for so long they were served boiled to death?

    • I know! It’s funny. I’ve never boiled Brussels sprouts either! I just did for the first time in another Mark B. recipe. It was one from the cookbook you just gave me. Pretty good. This one had bread crumbs.

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