Thanks to my sister!

….for buying me a fabulous immersion blender. I got to use it on my first blended soup this past week. I made a great chickpea and coconut soup that I probably wouldn’t have made if I didn’t have this blender.

The soup is like this:
Saute celery and onion, add chickpeas and bottom part of a lemongrass stalk. Then, in a food processor (or for me, immersion blender) puree soup mixture. Add coconut milk and it’s basically done!

The blender worked great. I also loved trying a soup that I don’t typically make. I tend to stay away from asian inspired soups/dishes, but I really want to get in the hang of making more! I like this recipe although I think I was a little underwhelmed by the soup. I think so many times I have coconut milk with a TON of curry. This recipe called for only 2 and a half teaspoons and I think I could have added maybe double or triple that. I also think this could be a great appetizer to serve at a dinner party since it has a bit of a punch from the lemongrass, it’s a mild flavor which I think is nice at the beginning of the meal!


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