Modern Baker Challenge: Roasted Pepper and Goat Cheese Tart

The Three Clever Sisters have had a hard time keeping up with the Modern Baker challenge. Usually before a chapter we busily email eachother tagging the recipes we want to make and making sure we get first dibs. Well, it wasn’t so on this chapter. I’m not sure what happened, but (I think) I may be the only one that cooked this one.
Who wouldn’t want to make something that called for almost three tubs of goat cheese. The woman at the counter definitely quizzed me on why I was buying so much. I replied “for a recipe” but I then thought afterwards to myself “Why is it so bad to buy three tubs?”
This is the part that is going to make food bloggers everywhere cringe. I didn’t make the crust. I’m sorry. I didn’t. I don’t want to lie and it be blatently obvious that it wasn’t done. I knew in the back of my head that if I bought the crust then I would actually make this recipe. If I had to make it from scratch, well, you never know with me. I would have found an excuse.
I actually used my toaster oven to roast my peppers. This took a while and I thought after they came out that perhaps I should have kept them in longer. It was easy to get most of the skin off (the recipe said it would just sort of fall off) but the bottom part of the pepper was the hardest and I think I could have missed a spot of two. oops.
If you don’t read carefully you can totally miss the part of the recipe that says “refrigerate for up to three days”-yeah. Didn’t see that the first two times I browsed this recipe. No problem. Waited a couple of days to really let the garlic marinate with the peppers.
After that it was ridiculously easy. Really I’m assuming the hardest part is making the crust and I didn’t do that. So I’m embarressed to say after peeling the peppers you just put them in the crust with the eggs and cheese. Bam. Done. The convection oven was my friend this time. I repeat this time. Really quick. The recipe said that it would take 30 minutes and my oven took maybe 15 so that was nice.

The first layer of cheese and peppers.

Hopefully this can be of use to other people in my family. I know mom can eats logs of eggs so hopefully this quiche will be to her liking!

My husband thought it was de-lish..


5 thoughts on “Modern Baker Challenge: Roasted Pepper and Goat Cheese Tart

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that we are not keeping up with this chapter of the modern baker because it doesn’t involve sugar. At least one of us is staying the course!

    • Yep…Sara, you speak the truth. I agree. I’m not one for “savory.” Also, it’s a lot easier to cart in a sweet date bread or maybe a brioche loaf to work than a savory tart.

  2. Wasn’t this great…and so pretty, too. We loved it, there was not a crumb left anywhere, not one single crumb! Yours looks beautiful. Don’t worry about keeping up…supposed to be fun and no pressure…the great thing is that the book is always there so you can go back and do anything you missed any time you want, right? Right! Am loving browsing through your site.

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