An Evening with Heidi Swanson & Kim Boyce

Okay.  I am inspired to be a better blogger – to which my older sister Sara takes a deep breath but probably won’t exhale until she sees me live to my word!

Last night I met Heidi Swanson of the ever popular – and much frequented – and author of at least 2 cookbooks, the most recent of which is Super Natural Everyday.  At her side was Kim Boyce, the author of Good to the Grain – a cookbook I purchased for Sara a few years ago.  It was a very casual book signing at the Ace Hotel in Portland.

The Ace Hotel is a TOTAL hipster location, by the way.  When my friend Leslie and I asked the hotel receptionist where the book signing was, he could barely be bothered to raise his head and look down at us from his thick rimmed glasses.  He just uttered, quietly, “out the doors, to right.”  I joked to Leslie that he was probably too busy blogging on his ultra slim macbook in some special font that mimicked the typesetting of a 1930s typewriter.

Leslie and I then stepped back into the magical sunshine of an early spring day in Portland and made our way to the book signing.  Leslie already had a book and moved to one line while I patiently waited to purchase the books in another.  There were foodies EVERYWHERE and they all look super hip.  I needed to be wearing dark tights with some floral frock and brown lace-up pumps rather than my clothes from work and sneakers for working.  Nevertheless we were all friendly and excited about the cookbooks.  The lovely cooks had tapped a keg from the nearby Clyde Common (another hipster “gastropub” where Leslie and I enjoyed happy hour) and there was a lovely spread of food for us to forage through.  Also, if you bought a book – you got a free gift: farro and piment d’espelette from with a great new recipe.

Actually, Leslie and I met Heidi at Clyde Common first.  You’d have thought she was the future queen of England (yes, I watched a WHOLE lot of Kate Middleton footage on Friday too) because we instantly saw her and looked at each other saying quietly “that’s her!”  She immediately though shyly and humbly walked over with a huge smile and introduced herself.  I think I gushed.  I’m sure I gushed.

Leslie was so amused by this gushing at Clyde Common (and from my story of gushing over RHONYC Jill Zarin last year) that she eventually dropped back about 15 people in the book signing line so she could hear me, gush again.  And gush I did.  Kim was kind enough to read our blog at some point and commented on one of Sara’s posts – the maple danishes.  I had to gush to her about that and how excited we were that she read our blog.  She was a bit confused that I was in Portland, thinking the blog was “back East” so I sheepishly admitted that, ahem, it was a reasonable conclusion because, well, Sara carries the blog and she’s in Boston and Marie is in Brooklyn (sounds a little hipper than NYC afterall).

Heidi greeted us again with a big smile and we thanked her for coming.  I am proud to add that she said all the folks in Portland were so nice!  My gushing to her was primarily about how I was so excited to be at the book signing and it was that much more special to be with Leslie who introduced me to her blog in the first place.  I also added how I love to make her pan-fried corona beans & kale dish.  We had a little moment about how great that recipe was.

And because I had no shame – I asked for a picture.



7 thoughts on “An Evening with Heidi Swanson & Kim Boyce

  1. I was looking forward to hearing about this so all the better you wrote a blog post! Sounds like it was a lot of fun (and I appreciated the details about the hipster receptionist!) Great photo too! It’s so great you got to meet them, it’s just perfect that they had an event together, isn’t it?

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