Recent Goings-On

You may have noticed a new blurb at the top of the past few posts linking to a site called Honest Cooking–I’m excited to say that I’m going to be contributing posts there from time to time.  This on-line food magazine just launched a few months back and when I first found out about I was hooked:  a global sensibility, a from-scratch sensibility, an array of great visuals, and the food.   Because really, it’s all about the food, right? 

It’s been alluded to here and there, but besides all these kitchen natterings, I have a tremendous passion for just about anything with an international bent.  I’m one of those, well, geeks who loved studying foreign languages in school, reading travelogues, and staring dreamy-eyed at the world map.  I’m a little more house-bound these days (a three- and one-year-old are not the easiest of travel companions, at least for non-superhumans like myself) so along with books,  the kitchen is my current mode of “getting away.”   Suffice it to say I’ve been loving the new food writers I’m discovering on Honest Cooking, from Sweden to Australia and everywhere in between! 

You may have also noticed a new widget in the sidebar–a link to the OFFICIAL (no imitations please!) Three Clever Sisters facebook page.  We had resisted (or, rather, not gotten around to) setting up a facebook page, but I was asked to include the link when setting up my Honest Cooking profile.  So finally, we caved.  It had to happen sometime, right? You can join the three of us on facebook by clicking through our badge on the right or simply clicking here.  (I know–can you handle the excitement?)


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