Chocolate Chip Cookies for the kids-

So, I don’t have children, but I do have students. I work at school where when the students do good things they are rewarded MERITS. Merits are counted by fives and this is basically fake currency that they can buy things with. (Judge however you like about the system. This is a food blog.) So twice a year, we have an auction. Students get their merit prep points printed out and they bring that number down to the auditorium. Teachers are asked about two weeks prior to “auction something off that they own/have.” This can be anything from buying sports tickets and taking the students who auction for it, or going out for dumplings in Chinatown. One teacher even offered his time. He volunteered to take one student’s detention which is around an hour and consists of copying out of textbooks. Wow. That is something you will not see me doing. So, instead I decided to make some of the Clevering famous cookies and give them to whoever wanted them the most.
Now, I thought to myself: “Hmmmm…no reason to blog about this, I’m sure that someone has talked about chocolate chip cookies already..” However, I looked and looked and I saw nothing. (My sisters, I’m sure will tell me if I’m wrong!)
Our dad growing up was a dentist and his hygienist had a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies. It is pretty much your classic recipe except for one big difference. Many cookie recipes call for one stick of butter or 2 eggs. This recipe calls for (get ready for it…): 2 eggs, one stick of butter and one stick of crisco. I’m sort of embarressed of it, but I have to say (and one or both of my sisters will attest that these cookies are GOOD!)
I make these cookies as often as I can handle them. This sounds strange, but I’m crazy for my sugar. Growing up, my older sister would never let me be around her when she made sweets because I always licked the bowl and would eat one- third of the batter. My oldest sister got frustrated with me when I made cupcakes for her son’s birthday party for fear that I would lick all the frosting. (I was good on that promise! No worries!)
So, I purposely don’t make these cookies a lot. I need to continue to fit in my jeans. This however was the perfect excuse to make the fatty, moist chocolate chip cookies. So, if you are wondering how to make your cookies a little less dry…. well just add some crisco.

How much did the cookies go for? They started at 300 prep points and sold for over 1,000. Pretty good eh?? My students loved them. 😉


5 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies for the kids-

  1. Hilarious! My favorite: “Judge however you want, this is a food blog.” Marie, I did just blog about chocolate chip cookies a few weeks back, but that’s OK. I forgot about this recipe! Can you post it here?

  2. Recall the time you made cookies and there was about 1/2 to 2/3 cup of leftover chocolate chips because you ate so much batter you couldn’t stir them all in?

    • Marie would never do such a thing. (ha!) I remember the time she was on the phone and (as a result of some interesting gossip, perhaps) accidentally added twice the amount of sugar to a lemon squares recipe, so somebody ran out to get more lemons so we could double the rest of the ingredients. Well, we got double the batch of lemon squares.

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