BBA Challenge #42: Potato Cheddar and Chive Torpedos

The beginning of the end: the first of the last two breads in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge!  The coda, the bookend, l’envoi..or as Reinhart calls it, the “Grace Note.” 

I can’t say I am excited about either of these last two breads on their merits (this one or the roasted onion bread, which will hopefully be showcased here soon:  if I bake it off in June I’ll have finished the BBA Challenge in just under, um, two years).  I tend not to be a big fan of breads with savory ingredients baked in, although I will, of course, make an exception for cheese. 

I was happy to be able to use some of my monster chive plant, however.  It comes back bigger and bigger every year (and rather inexplicably–I haven’t done a thing to help it along other than plant it) and I’m starting to become a bit afraid of it.   And in the end, I am afraid I didn’t even use enough chives–ah, the cruel irony!  (But I was reminded of the universal truth that a big  bunch of herbs dramatically decreases in volume when chopped up small).

If recipes can have a sense of humor, though, I think this one qualifies.  Or at least it’s winking at you a little.  Look at the title again, but ignore the “Torpedoes” part.  Do you see what I see, a baked potato with all the trimmings?

Despite my lack of enthusiasm, here as always a bit of cheese never hurts anything.  As I am in New England, I used Vermont-based Cabot Seriously Sharp cheddar.   Their cheddar is white (which is what color cheddar naturally is), though for distribution outside New England they add the yellow-orange annatto coloring people are more used to seeing.  And it is deliciously super-sharp!

I ended up taking one of the loaves to work.  Adding this to my standard weekend bread bake, resulted in a  bit of an oversupply, and my sons (like me) prefer breads that take well to butter and jam.  My foodie friend at work, however,  suggested this bread would be a great base for a turkey sandwich with Dijon mustard.  He’s probably right, but I won’t be testing that:  I’m already getting ready for the next, and final bread in the BBA Challenge!


15 thoughts on “BBA Challenge #42: Potato Cheddar and Chive Torpedos

  1. It looks beautiful! Loved, loved, loved this bread…and for your work colleague: yes, this does make an amazing turkey sandwich. =) And I can’t believe you only have one left…go Sara go! =)

    • Thanks Abby! I’m hoping to make the final one this weekend–I was going to make it a few weekends ago but realized all too late it was a three day recipe!

  2. I also think breads with savoury ingredients baked in are often a blit bleh (excepting foccacia though, where that’s more or less the whole point – even if its just olive oil, salt and pepper. Cheese though – perhaps it would be good, oh, and the caramelised onions on a Jamie Oliver baguette recipe were to die for….

    • I agree–and I always like the savories more than I expect to; it’s just I don’t get as excited about ones that don’t tickle the sweet tooth…but who couldn’t love focaccia?

  3. You’re almost there. Can you see (and smell) the finish line? I loved this bread, savories and all. And the final bread was a real showstopper.

  4. Congrats on being so close! Sorry this one wasn’t so exciting but I hope the last one is a hit. I would be nice to end on a high note. If I remember the turkey sandwich idea when I’m baking this one maybe I’ll plan that way for the week. I know what you mean about bread that takes jam and butter well. Is there anything better?

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