Saint Cupcake Galore

“Really,” I said, “it’s perfect if you can’t commit.”  I was talking to my sister en route home from Saint Cupcake Galore.  My co-worker Sara and I decided to pay a visit on its inaugural day of its new location.  Sister Sara happened to call, and I had to gush.

Saint Cupcake has been around a while – long enough to have made its mark in NW Portland (my ‘hood) and have a totally kids-birthday party kind of fun store.  Oh, and they have a blog.  Read it and you will have your friend crush (my personal favorite is the open letter to the Duke and Duchess in which she references the Royal Wedding AND Pride and Prejudice).  The old location was a stone’s throw from my apt but the move places them directly on my walk in to work. While they open at 8 am, they don’t close till 6 or 7 — meaning they’re perfectly located to help me up the hill and home after a long hard day.

Oh yes, there will be MANY visits in the near future.  I will likely offer my services as a taste tester too. They even have vegan cupcakes.  **EEK!**

But the commitment-phobe reference, how does that tie in?  It was for the “dots” which are their mini-cupcakes.  I was explaining to Sara how I had the toasted coconut cream “dot”.  I could hear her judgment over the phone as she thought, “Come ON Karen, you couldn’t buy a full cupcake?”  I was in the process of explaining the beauty of the little dots is that you can then get a bite or two of several different cupcakes.  For instance, the chocolate with chocolate butter cream frosting, the toasted coconut cream, big top, and vanilla with chocolate butter cream.  I’d try and describe how utterly delicious these cupcakes were – the cake part was perfectly rich and the icing was the perfect temperature and with a sufficient but not excessive amount of sprinkles – but I’d fear I’d sound like a chef on the Food Network.

True to form, I was bound and determined to meet the owner  — she LOVES  Pride and Prejudice after all and she is living the dream by baking delicious cupcakes everyday!

This morning I walked by, hoping they opened at 7am.  They were readying the place – laying out the delicious cupcakes (when on earth does she get up in the morning?) but definitely not open, considering the door was locked.

She was there smiling and flashed “8” with her hands.  I excitedly gave her the “thumbs -up.”  And so, after Sara and walked up the hill to 1138 SW Morrison  from our workplace home by the river, I was watching for her to emerge from the bakery.  I’d try to be all casual and by asking a “serious” question about the baking, in the hopes that she would jump in, but no go.  It was opening day – she was BUSY.  When she was finally at the counter, I jumped up — poor Sara was probably mid-sentence — and said, “Excuse – are you the owner?”  “Yes.” Her name is Jami, and I gushed.  “What a great store! We’re so excited!  Your cupcakes are delicious!  Congratulations!”

She took the compliments graciously, though I imagine she was a little wary of upsetting an obviously excitedly chick in her store on opening day…

[No worries — I did NOT ask for a picture, this time.]
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6 thoughts on “Saint Cupcake Galore

    • I promise you wouldn’t even know the difference! But that toasted coconut — vanilla cake with toffee bits baked in topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting with the toasted coconut.

  1. No judgment on ordering dots. Only judgment on ordering ONE dot. If you are going to get mini-cupckakes, it’s just a rule that you get *several.* Once I understood that you did, all was well. I do the same thing!

    How could these not be good; a P&P fan? I hope you discussed which film/tv adaptation you prefer, and I hope she goes for the Colin Firth version. I wish I had cupcakes like this to get me up the hill on my walk home from the commuter rail. But then, it’s probably a good thing.

    So much yumminess in Portland!

  2. Looking at the pictures makes me want to go back for round two . . . the menu changes slightly every day, so anytime you want company hiking up that hill, you know who to call. 😉

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