Zeppole and Olive Oil Ice Cream with Peach Preserves at Colicchio and Sons

Last week I went to Colicchio (of the famous Top Chef) and Sons. This is his newest restaurant and has been open for about a year. The reviews of the restaurant were mixed, but I guess my not as sophisticated palate couldn’t tell the difference-I loved it. There is an ongoing prixe fixe menu that is making it definitely more affordable to go this summer and that helped me splurge on my riesling flight of three wines that got me through the whole meal.
The best part of this meal was the dessert. So many times, I have gone to nice restaurants and not really loved the desserts. At the end of the day there is something comforting about a classic chocolate chip cookie or bowl of vanilla ice cream. Most desserts at nicer restaurants don’t go for classic but more the unusual. I think this is fine, but there is something about nostalgia and dessert that go hand and hand for me.

However, this time I was totally flipped. The dessert were these fabulous donuts (Zeppole) paired with a small little scoop of olive oil ice cream. I have always wanted to try this flavor. I’ve seen it at some of these higher end gelato shops over the years but I never wanted to trade it in for my strawberry or chocolate chip! It definitely doesn’t sound as appealing, but I think it really has to be paired with the right ingredients. It has a wonderful aromatic smell to it that somehow doesn’t turn you off to eating it! It was heavenly. On top of dipping the ice cream into the donuts you also got the sweet peach preserves. I think this pairing really made the dish. Need I say more?

Lesson learned–Don’t be afraid! Try it!

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7 thoughts on “Zeppole and Olive Oil Ice Cream with Peach Preserves at Colicchio and Sons

  1. Sounds so good. It took me a while to make an olive oil cake (also because it seemed like a weird idea) but they are quite good. And if it’s good for cake, then why not ice cream?

  2. Olive oil ice-cream sounds like something I would certainly taste if I saw it. I also often opt for my beloved desserts in restaurants (usually chocolate mousse or crème brûlée, it also gives me an idea of the restaurant quality: both are very easy to make, but very often neglected and spoiled). I almost never have desserts in Italian restaurants… the tiramisù if often disappointingly loaded with cream which in my opinion has nothing to do there and I am not really attracted to other Italian specialties, but if I saw olive oil ice-cream, I wouldn’t miss it.
    (PS I invited you, in today’s post, to take part in the Seven Links Challenge).

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  4. I am super freaking jealous!!!! I wanted to go to Collicchio and sons for brunch on my last trip to NYC but never made it. I adore donuts and I definitely would have ordered this if I saw it on a menu!
    *kisses* HH

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